13 July 2005

Back to the salt mines ...

Well, I went back to work yesterday. All of my co-workers seemed genuinely glad I was back, and thankfully, since I work at a university, there's not much going on at this time of year. So, it wasn't at all stressful. No one really noticed my now 24 pound weight loss, but I came to the realization that it's probably not enough of a loss to be significantly noticed unless someone were to have paid attention to how my clothes fit previously.

My infected incision is still refusing to close, and it's been itching. And, the spot on my arm where the 3rd IV that I had while in the hospital is sore, so I don't know what's going on with that. I've got my 1 month, 1 week follow up next Tuesday, but if the soreness worsens, I'll call my Dr before then.

05 July 2005

Yeah, 3 lbs

(Please read the above title with facetiousness.) Again, I know I should be thrilled with any kind of loss. But last week was hard for me, and I thought I was doing better with drinking more water and exercising more. So, to only lose 3 lbs is disappointing. My infected incision is doing better, though!