30 July 2007

Things just have to start getting better!

I can't take much more of so much going wrong at once. It's a long, long story, but I was basically fired today, and it's mostly my fault for opening my mouth months ago by telling my direct supervisor I was applying to school. And, now, I'm not so sure I can go to school b/c financial aid isn't giving me much aid. So, I owe $10K for just one year, and that's just half of the year's total for just tuition! Oh, and I ripped off a quarter of my toenail by hitting it with a door. Just NOT my day! Please, please could someone send some good mojo my way?! PLEASE!!!

11 July 2007

No more Avandia!

I saw my PCOS specialist last week, and guess what?! She's taken me off my Avandia! I've only been taking 2mg/day for the past year or so, but the last time I saw her, she said I'd likely have to take the Avandia forever b/c I wasn't willing to take a glucose tolerance test. But, when I saw her this time, she said she was ready to take me off. I, of course, have to do blood draws at regular intervals to check my glucose levels, but as long as they remain in the normal range, I'm off it! Woo-hoo!

On an unfortunate note, the class I'd registered for this summer which would have applied to my program was canceled at the last minute, literally. So, I scrambled to find something else that might apply. So, I'm taking Electronic Media in Art. Not totally sure it's going to work, but for the most part, I'm enjoying it. (I had kind of a difficult time with the first critique.) See my work at Flickr.