21 February 2008

Yeah, I'm still here ... for the most part.

As if anyone's still out there reading b/c it's been soooo damned long since I've posted, but anyhoo, w/out writing a book, I'll try to update ya'll. Last semester did end up being a really good one, academically that is, a 4.08. And, over winter break, I went to Hawai'i w/ my husband which was just phenomenal. Since getting back, it's just been non-stop. I'm taking six classes (as opposed to just 4 last semester), and things don't seem to be going quite as well as they did last semester. Not horrible, mind you, but not up to my standards.

One thing I didn't do so well last semester (ok, I did horribly actually) was manage my money, and the result of that is my husband not being too happy with me. And, I totally don't blame him. He's doing so much for me by paying for my living expenses while I'm in school, and I was disrespectful to him by not doing my best to save as much as I could, or rather, not spend so much. I basically lived as though I was still working full time, so by the end of November, I had just about nothing left. I hate money.

Weight wise, I'm still at about the same weight, and I'm still not exercising regularly. I am walking all over the place, but it's not the same. I'm trying to do better by not buying anything sweet b/c that seemed to be a weakness. I'd figured out what my sugar limit was and would wait just enough time and then eat more. Not good! Although, I do still find myself craving sweet stuff at night. Grrr.

That's about it for now. I've got to finish a site engineering project. And, I'll try not to wait almost 3 months before posting again. ;)