23 August 2007


So, here's my overdue update on my previous post. I was, thankfully, able to work out paying for school (albeit with loans), so the whole getting fired thing didn't really end up mattering that much ... save my pride. Speaking of, I sucked it up and worked through the 15th of August as they offered to then pay me through the 31st of August if I stayed and trained the new person. And, while I really wanted to tell them to eff off, I couldn't turn down the money.

Today was the first day of classes, and if I were to describe in two words how I feel, they'd be exhausted and overwhelmed. I had class basically straight through from 11:15am this morning until 4:45pm this afternoon, and that was only two classes! And, despite taking a class last spring and over the summer while working full-time, it's still such a big change going from working full-time to now being a full-time student with a bunch of much younger students. I'm still excited about it all, but I'm also scared. And, I know it's just going to take time to adjust to it all; I just have to not wallow in the stress of it and stay on top of everything. Heh, much easier said than done, right? So, as I'm sure you can all imagine, I'm not going to have a ton of free time, and what I will have I'm going to try to spend with my husband. So, I expect my posts to be few and far between, but I'll still try!

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