22 September 2007


Well, yesterday was my first final critique in Landscape Architecture. It went relatively well; although, I knew there were some problems with my board (the thing that contains all of your design elements for review) going into it, and they were the things that were pointed out. But, I also had some good things too. So, overall, I'm pleased. I've also been doing very well on all of my quizzes and projects, so I've been pleased with that too. It's been a ton of work; I was at the studio until 2:15am Friday morning and ended up only getting 3 1/2 hours of sleep. But, I'm totally loving it. Below is my first board minus personal information. I'll continue working on it to complete the things I just didn't have enough time for (like adding more color), but I hope you'll like it anyway!


Jill said...

Hi Jen! I just wanted to let you know I have been thinking about you and I hope all is well!!!


jenn said...

where art thou?? post again! we miss you!