23 July 2006

1 year, 1 month + Post-Op Photos


21 May 2006

Oct 2005, Jan 2006, March 2006

14 March 2006


21 May 2006

Oct 2005, Jan 2006, March 2006

March 2005, December 2005

18 July 2004

19 October 2003

Sorry for the long hiatus all. I plan to post more tomorrow.


Sandi said...

Nice photos, Jenn! You are such an inspiration to me.

Question: how do you line up your photos in a line like this? I would post some too if I could figure it out...

You're looking absolutely amazing! Congratulations and keep up the great work.

Donna said...

Just awesome! You look terrific!!!

Jenn said...

Thanks very much, Sandi & Donna!

Sandi, I take the individual pics and use an application called GIMP, www.gimp.org, to stitch them together. The app is a lot like Photoshop, but it's free. ;)

Kaye Bailey said...


Congratulations on your stunning transformation!

Jill said...

I remeber thinking how great you looked in October, but holy moly sister, you are one fine looking woman! You should be very proud of you accomplishments!

cee cee said...

AMAZING!! wow, and only 2 more pounds to go! you have had an amazing journey.. thanks so much for sharing it with us :)