29 July 2006

What an amazing day!!

After picking up some folding chairs for a friend who's having a party tonight, we made our way down to the local farmer's market as I wanted to pick up a bottle of wine for the party. After getting my requisite iced non-fat cafe-au-lait and the bottle of wine, I went to a booth called Posies where they piece together a large bouquet of fresh flowers for the amazing price of ten bucks! I kid you not this bouquet would easily cost $60 from a florist. There are lilies, echinacea, zinnia, liatris, stock, daisies and a bunch of other flowers I don't know the names of; truly amazing!! Then, we got lunch at a booth that serves fresh, gourmet, vegetarian food. I chose the small variety platter which had a southwest corn salad, a chickpea salad, fresh green beans, a salad of mixed greens with fresh, edible flowers and other things I don't remember! Yummie!

Soon after returning home we left again to see two apartments. I can't tell you how many apartments we've seen over the past two weeks, but I can say none of them were what we're looking for ourselves. Have I mentioned that our lease is up on August 17th and we haven't found a new place yet? It's been really stressing me out. After today's visits, though, we have two that we like! Yeah!! Now, we just have to decide which one. Neither are in my preferred location, downtown, but they each have their benefits. Here's a quick summary:

Wildflower Dr. - $950 + all utilities

Air conditioning
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
On bus route
Large pantry
W/D old
Dark kitchen w/ no windows
Bus only every hour
About 1 mile to downtown
Small windows
Old kitchen appliances

Lake St. - $1100 + elect (includes heat)

Completely renovated last year
3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
Beautiful carpet and hardwood floors
Brand new appliances
Completely furnished w/ nice furniture
Large windows
On bus route w/ buses every 10 minutes
Large kitchen island
Blocks to downtown and work
Nice breeze
Shared coin-op W/D in basement
Elliptical may not work (ceiling height)
Will have to keep a storage unit
Limited parking
Possible noise from neighbors
On 3rd floor (carrying in groceries/moving in)

So, what do you all think? I'm leaning toward the place on Lake St. as long as the elliptical will work there. We'll have to measure.

We then got changed into our bathing suits and went to one of the gorges. We had some pretty big rain storms yesterday, so there was quite a lot of water running through the gorge. It's in the 90s here today, so it was a really nice reprieve. We walked around in the water for a while then found a nice spot in the sun at a spot just perfect for lounging in the water. I enjoyed it so thoroughly and know I'd never even have considered doing it last year. It was so awesome!

And, tonight's my friend's party! I'm going to need tomorrow to recover, but I need to get packing!


Jessica said...

If the 3rd floor is the TOP floor, that has it's advantages. We once lived on a 2nd floor and could hear EVERYTHING the people above us were doing. The next time around, we chose the 3rd floor. Also, if you take the bus, the bus every 10 minutes seem like a great bonus.

Jenn said...

It is indeed the top floor, thankfully. It's just those ceilings I worry about!

Sandi said...

hmmmmm. Tough call, but it sounded like you like the second one better, so I choose that one. Could you put a coin op thingy on the elliptical and put it next to the washing machine? Then you'd recoop your losses on laundry! Just kidding! Whichever way you jump, at least you're together! =)

Holly said...

lake sounds like a winner... furnished! nice furniture! that would be heven, although impossible. recent destruction had happened to several pieces of my furniture due to over enthusiastic preteen boys. *sigh*