16 October 2006


About friggin' time! I read the scale with amazement this morning, 135.0 lbs!! Yeah, I've finally reached my offical goal weight, 1 year, 4 months and 2 days after WLS!! I haven't been all that stressed about not reaching this number because I'm happy with how I look, but now that I'm here, it's really nice to have achieved it. Now, the next goals are to run, not walk, the Disney 5K in January and the Nike Womens' 1/2 Marathon in October of next year. I doubt I'll become one of the psychos (like my sister, so I mean that with love) who runs marathons all the time, but these are two physical goals that I'd like to be able to achieve.

I've got more photos from NYC that I'd like to post, but Blogger's photo upload stopped working on me this morning. So, check back again for more in the near future!


Mrs. KC said...

Congratulations!!! Ra Hoo!!!

Marla said...

Omg, Jenn I am soooo excited for you. Congrats! You have worked so hard for this. You wanted it & you made it happen. You totally deserve this! Wahoooooo!

Jill said...

Jen! You deserve all the happiness I could feel in this post! YOU DID IT GIRL! YEAH!!! I hope you realize what a beautiful person you have always been and that this goal just reflects what is inside of you. :o)

Now can you send me some of you mojo? :)

Much love,

Kaye Bailey said...


Congratulations!!! Totally Awesome!!! You have done yourself proud and welcome to your new life, lady! YOU HAVE ARRIVED!!!

Best wishes on the Disney 5K -- You can achieve anything you dream. You have proven that!


Melissa said...

Congrats Jenn you've made it despite all the ups and downs you've had, you've made it!

Hugs to you.

Claire said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You are definitely my hero!