02 October 2006

Title revisited (feelings of largeness ... to put it mildly)

I didn't think I'd get to this point again and so darn quickly too, 145 lbs! Yes, you read correctly, one-hundred forty-five pounds. According to the scale, I have gained 9 lbs in the past week. How on earth that is humanly possible, I do not know ... especially when nothing's changed in my diet or my exercise regimen (non-existent). But, what has changed is that I'm totally PMSing and thus retaining water, and I ran out of one of my regular meds about a week ago. And, while this pill isn't taken for this purpose, it acts as a diuretic. So, while I'm happy about my breasts being a bit fuller (such that I can lean forward and not have them fall flat from the sides), I'm not happy about this huge weight gain. But, I'm still wearing my size 6 pants, so it can't be too significant. The meds arrived in the mail today, and I should be getting my period soon. So, here's hoping the pounds start dropping off soon; I can't take a 9 lb gain!


Anonymous said...

You know, if you you're doing everything right and the scale shows a gain like that, don't worry.

You know in your heart if it is warranted or not.

Don't go by the scale -- go by your clothes! :)


Jenn said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Donna! I'm trying, really!

Jill said...

I had my period TWICE this month and my weight fluctuated by 6 pounds so no fears. Like Donna said, as long as your clothes are fitting don't fret. And hell, size 6! I am happy at a 10 I would be bouncing all the way from Illinois to New York to see you if I were a 6!

You have done a marvelous job, don't fret this water weight.

Sandi said...

Hey Jenn! I fell behind on checking your blog. How come you never come to the wls neighborhood anymore?

I loved you video clips, but could only get the one of the bathroom to play. Very cool!

Sorry abou the weight gain, but remember this is the rest of your life, not a diet. My weight fluctuates a lot in the course of a month, but I will confess that I weigh myself daily now because I don't want any really big surprises! I can handle a pound, but if it gets up too close to my warning buzzer, I wanna know it's coming.

Anyway, I've missed seeing you on a daily basis and will try to get back into my routine!

Take care, friend.

Kaye Bailey said...

Hi Jenn- I'm behind on blog reading to, but an enjoying catching up with you. I really enjoyed your observation regarding your changing female relationships.

I had a freakish 6 lb gain this last week and it nearly put me in the deep end. Even after several years of maintenance I get a little nutty over unexplained gains. It's back down now - I hope yours is too.

Take care!