01 November 2006

A great Halloween!!!

Suffice it to say, I went all out this year. It's the first year (as an adult) I really felt good enough about myself to make a spectacle of myself, and in the process I managed to drag my husband along with me. Thankfully, he was a very good sport.

So, you know who I'm supposed to be, but do you know who he is? I will be thoroughly impressed with anyone who tells me who he is. I'll even give you a hint: there is a tie-in to Audrey Hepburn which is the beauty of the costume.

The tie-in is so good that we decided to enter the university-wide costume contest at work yesterday. And, would you believe we won the Judge's Award?!?! This award essentially means we won the whole thing! Crazy!! Guess what the prize is, though. A freaking sheet pizza, a dozen wings and 2 quarts of soda. Lucky us, eh? But, whatever, we'll throw a small party and let our friends eat the garbage, right? :) It's the fact that we won that counts!

And, after giving out candy at a friend's house (b/c there aren't many kids in the neighborhood where I live), we went out for a drink ... with me still in my costume!

Oh, and how could I forget?! After the costume contest, my husband and I walked around to our various offices to show off how we were dressed to our co-workers, and while on the way back to my building from my husband's, we heard someone whistle the typical cat call type whistle and then someone yelled you're hot! At first, my husband thought it was someone I knew just being silly, but after looking around and spying what appeared to be a jail transport van, we both decided it wasn't someone either of us knew and to just keep walking. A compliment, I guess, but a rather odd one. :)

Anyways, I had a fabulous Halloweeen, and I hope you all did too! Now, I'm really looking forward to Saturday because it's my birthday, and we're going to do a bunch of fabulous stuff! First, we're going to watch my Gators beat Vanderbilt. Then, we're going to have dinner at a Thai restaurant with a few friends and then from there we're going to go to a fantastic local club where there's good drinks, comfortable seats, dancing and most importantly, clean bathrooms! There, we're going to enjoy my favorite cake in the whole world, red velvet cake, and I promise, I won't over-indulge in it. Whatever we don't eat, we can take home for me to savor one tiny piece at a time. :)


Mrs. KC said...

Gee, Jenn... Could you get his pants to go any higher? He looks like he's uncomfortable! You look fabulous! Congrats!

Jenn said...

Miss K - Heh, nope, they couldn't have gotten any higher. But, that was purposeful to make the costume more authentic! :)

Claire said...

I am not good at guessing halloween costumes, so I will pass on guessing who he is. Please tell! You both looked amazing and you in particular look absolutely awesome! Congratulations and happy birthday!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Jenn! I'm glad you had a great Halloween. You guys look so happy together. I'm so happy for you :)