05 November 2006

One of my best birthdays ever!

The day began lazily enough (waking up about 9am, opening all but the present from my husband because he was still sleeping) but then swung into full gear because of a desire to watch football and get dim sum. Dim sum was, as usual, fantastic, and the company (my friend and husband) was even better. And, we made it back to our apartment in time to catch just about all of Florida's win over Vanderbilt! Yeah!

Then, the rest of my afternoon was spent doing just whatever the heck I wanted! I browsed Coach's website (my husband got me a gift card; thank you honey!), perused catalogs that came in over the past week and cut my fingernails and cut and painted my toenails. Then, while I was getting ready to go out to dinner, my dad called to wish me a happy birthday. He was very sweet and tried to suggest that this was just my 30th (instead of 34th) birthday. I told him if I'm going to lie about it, it might as well be my 29th birthday instead.

Dinner, unfortunately, got a little of a late start because the restaurant was packed, and our table wasn't ready when we arrived. But, that actually turned out to be a good thing because I had discovered earlier in the day that the club I'd planned on going to didn't open until 9pm (and dinner was at 7). After dinner, my husband stopped by another restaurant to pick up one of the most important parts of the evening, the above pictured cake, of course. I was so pleased upon first seeing it (and even more pleased once I took a bite of it!) that I wanted to dig in right away. But, alas, I controlled myself and waited until after arriving at the club.

We got there just after it opened, so we had the place entirely to ourselves, save the employees. And, while I at first thought it was going to suck if no one else ever came to the bar during the course of the evening, I soon had my thoughts changed when a group of supposed 20 somethings arrived celebrating a friend's 21st birthday ... with parents in tow. So, the place filled up rather quickly ... wouldn't you go to a party if someone's parents were footing the bill? The good thing (or so we thought) about all of the party-goers was that there would be other people dancing. But, apparently, the girlies were too chicken (with one sadly dressed woman being the exception). So, we said, screw it, let's show these girls how to dance. And, so we made fools of ourselves. In all, great fun! Over the course of the night, I had 4 drinks (a ton for me!), my entree, a tiny piece (but divinely yummy!) of cake and about 8 bites of a French bread pizza sub after arriving back at home in order to help stave off the hangover, really! :)


Jill said...

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu! I am not sure what I am more exited about...your birthday or the fact that you and your hubby look so damn happy together in these last posts!

Much Love!

P.S. I need to have an email chat with you about your PCOS. :o) I think one of my friend's has it.

Jenn said...

Thanks, Jill! :) Email me anytime; I'd be happy to talk w/ you about it!

jenn said...

Holy moly! You look amazing and so incredibly happy! I think back to when I started reading your blog and you were mid-stream weight loss (hard!) struggling with your marriage and life was tough. Now look at'cha!!! You are positively gorgeous, glowing, happy and clearly life has settled into what you wanted for yourself. High-5 for weathering the road through the tough stuff, having faith and seeing it through. I have nothing but admiration for you!


Kaye Bailey said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! You look fabulous and so happy too! I've enjoyed catching up with you!


Anonymous said...

If your birthday is on the 5th, then we share the same birthday! The only difference is, I've had my last one ever; I turned 39 ;)

Jill said...

I need your email my love! :) I am at scottandjilltice@yahoo.com :o)