06 June 2006


No movement scale wise this week. I somewhat expected that because I'm still weighing myself every day. I read an article some time ago about a study that showed people who weighed themselves daily as opposed to weekly or not at all lost more weight and were able to catch weight gain trends more quickly and take steps to stop it. So, I don't feel as guilty about doing it. Oh, and my impending period is gracing my body with extra water weight I'm sure. We have to deal w/ the period the week before and probably the week after, so we really only have 1 week out of each month where we're "normal". Crazy!

While I didn't get to do too much this weekend because of rain, I still had a really good weekend. We're doing this every other Friday off thing at work as long as we make up the time prior to the Friday off. So, I had a nice 3-day weekend. Other than a couple of errands, I didn't accomplish much of anything on Friday, and come to think of it, I didn't accomplish much all weekend. But, that's ok, right? I can't remember if it was Thursday or Friday night, but one of those nights, my husband and I went down to Barnes & Noble, got coffee and just sat there for a while reading magazines. I discovered that I should always sit and preview magazines before buying them because I picked up 3 I probably would have just bought if I'd been looking for magazines but hadn't planned on reading them first, and after quickly reading them, I found there wasn't really anything of interest that caused me to want to buy them. Anyhoo, we watched Transamerica and Shopgirl, and on Sunday we got really good Dim Sum for lunch and later went down to Starbucks where I just sat reading the Sunday Times. It's weird, while we weren't interacting with each other all that much, the time we spent at B&N and Starbucks was really enjoyable and made me feel closer to my husband. Is that odd?

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Sandi said...

I liked the article, something new to think about. I crave to check my weight daily, but have been resisting the urges because I was afraid I'd become obsessed with the numbers and depressed. And certainly, when I had so much to lose, I really only did need to monitor the overall trend. But now that I'm at my targeted goal, and wanting to go a little lower even, I think that daily monitoring may be a helpful tool.

Thanks for the thought provoking link. And on the other paragraph, I can relate to your sentiments. I enjoy that kind of companionable silence with my dh as well. Just being peaceful together. It's a great warm fuzzy feeling.