22 December 2006

He's now a master!

Last Saturday, my husband took part in Cornell University's January graduate recognition ceremony, and this week he found out that he got at least an A on his final project for his Master of Engineering in Computer Science thus graduating with a cum laude distinction (if they awarded such distinction to graduate students). I'm very proud of him; he completed this achievement all while working full-time. And, by doing it through the employee degree program, it was all free. Just amazing! I'm so proud of you, honey!

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Jilly said...

YEA to Hubby and YEA to both of you, you look VERY happy in this picture.

Lordy, Jenn, you look like a different person. Hubba Hubba.

P.S. I think my hubby is gong to do the same thing. His Master's is free through his employer also. Wish us luck! :o)