20 December 2006


My husband and I hosted a small dinner party this past Monday night for 7 friends. I made a ham, scalloped potatoes and some brownies, and friends made pasta with fresh pesto and ginger glazed baby carrots. It was a very successful party! This picture was taken before everyone arrived, but I did manage to make it through the night without getting anything on myself. Yippie!

Work's been rather stressful lately because instead of my normal job I've been working on redesigning our department's website, and I'm getting significant push-back from our web team. If I make it through this process I guess I'll be a stronger person, but I may be insane too!


Jilly said...

DAMN GIRL! Merry Christmas to YOU! :o)

Danyele said...

You really look incredible - hope your holidays were very merry!