11 December 2006

Well, I made it ...

though the last year and truly am better off having gone through it, with just one exception, losing Koba. I'm sure most people do these types of posts around the New Year, but given that we'll be at Disney on New Year's (woo-hoo!), I figured I'd do it now. Oh, and let me say this now before I forget: seriously, thank you all for continuing to check and read my blog. I've been significantly lax at posting lately, so I really appreciate those of you who've stuck around and have continued checking in on me!

The last year has been filled with a significant number of changes. My husband and I reconciled our marriage (and are continuing to work on it), we lost our sweet Koba, I reached my goal-weight, I made the decision to go back to school for Landscape Architecture (and am working toward that goal regularly, now) and we moved into a new apartment. With the exception of moving (which really has been positive on many fronts), these changes have all been pretty significant, and I feel I've handled them quite well. So, while I'm hoping this next year isn't quite as dramatic, I look forward to the new challenges and changes and hope that you all will continue to check in with me (as I do with you) every once in a while. Have a very happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year!


Anonymous said...

YEAH! I was worried I was going to have to come find you in New York! I am most jealous of your trip to Disney but you totally deserve it! :o)

I am so proud of you and won't get tired of telling you that! I just wish you lived in Illinois.

Those who remain strong will receive great blessings and you did and look how far you have come with not only your weight, but "yourself."

Much Love and very Happy Holidays!!!!


Jessica said...

I guess Jill said it best. I haven't commented often, but I've been reading all year long. I'm so happy for you for many reasons. Enjoy your vacation and the holidays!!

Sandi said...

I said a whole bunch of stuff and then it got dumped when I tried to log in... grrrr.

Jenn, you've been through so much this year, and it's been amazing to bear witness to your triumph! You are a true inspiration to me. Thanks for posting as often as you do, please don't ever stop.