27 June 2005

14 pounds!!!

I have officially lost 14 pounds according to the doctor's scale. Not bad for the first week, huh? Although, I know I can't expect it to continue at that rate as I've been given diet 2 which consists of pureed foods, so now, I can nix the Jell-O (thank you!) and broth and move on to things like mashed potatoes, chicken, turkey, veggies, etc. as long as they're pureed.

I also had my staples removed at this 1st post-op visit. I was pretty freaked out about it (as just looking at them after getting home about caused me to pass out), but I hardly felt a thing! Fabulous!!!!

And, I discussed the issue I was having with always getting weak while in the shower, and Dr. O'Malley's Nurse Practitioner, Kim Meecham, explained it to me with the following:

The hot water from the shower was causing my veins to expand which caused my thinned blood to fly through thus causing my blood pressure to lower ... ta-da, the weakness. So, I've just reduced the temperature of the water in the shower, and woo-hoo, I can stay in there long enough to shave my legs! Finally!

And, she said that the dizziness is typical until my body is given more nutrition through the pureed foods. Yeah for pureed foods!!

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