27 June 2005

Food Journal

Since being given diet 2, I have been keeping a journal of what I've been eating. Thankfully, I've been able to reach the 60-90 grams of protein level that my Dr. wants me at each day. But, I am finding myself tiring of the protein shakes that prior to surgery I actually enjoyed. I have a very hard time getting a full cup down now, but given that they're a major source of protein, I know I have to keep at them.

I've also tried some of the recipes from the book Before and After that I've mentioned previously as well as some of my own concoctions. The recipes have gone pretty well; although, I didn't at all like the hummus recipe. Thankfully, my husband did, so it didn't go to waste. But, my own attempt at making a little flavorful pureed chicken with the help of lemon juice, olive oil and lemon pepper seasoning didn't go so well. Oh, it tasted good, but after eating it the first time, I couldn't believe the cramps it caused. The pain got so bad that night it made me puke. Not fun! And, I hardly put any of the lemon-pepper on there.

And, the other night, my husband and I got a salmon filet grilled w/ lemon caper sauce (I didn't eat any of the capers) and yukon gold mashed potatoes at our local grocery store, Wegmans. They both tasted so good that I ate too quickly, and a wave a nausea hit me so quickly I couldn't believe it. I used to have nausesa come on after eating pasta, rice or potatoes due to my insulin resistance, but it was never anything like this. And typically, I could tolerate a small amount of potatoes and rice; it was just the pasta that really brought it on. But, this was terrible. I stopped eating right then and didn't eat anything else the rest of the night. And, I'm obviously going to do better about being aware of how quickly I eat.

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