05 June 2005


Yesterday my husband and I took a bus to Manhattan to see Wicked and to explore Manhattan a little more. We arrived in Manhattan later than expected because of an unexpected issue with the bus (loathe the bus), so we only had time to grab a quick bite before the 2pm show. We ended up only a block away from the Gershwin Theatre at Victor's Cafe 52 on W 52nd St. It and Wicked were fabulous! After the show, we headed toward 5th Ave for a little shopping. It was sunny and warm (despite what the weather forcast said), and the walk from the Gershwin to 5th and 57th and back just about wore me out. It's so embarassing to step into a fine store covered in sweat. Here's to seriously hoping this surgery and the subsiquent work will get me to a place where walking around in Manhattan (while trying to keep up with my husband) won't be a cause for embarassment.

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