22 June 2005

First week at home ...

I had gone to the store prior to going in for surgery to get all of the necessary liquid type foods so that I wouldn't have to send anyone to get them for me after arriving home. So, I had the requisite surgar free Jell-O, pudding, yogurt and popsicles and cream soups. After day 2 of being home and trying regular skim milk, I found I wasn't tolerating it at all (major gas pain). So, I sent my husband on a grocery store run to get some Lactaid. My daily meals pretty much consisted of a 4oz. protein shake and 4oz. Jell-O for breakfast, 4oz. diluted 100%juice for mid-morning (if I got up early enough to have breakfast and mid-morning), 4oz. cream soup and 4oz. yogurt for lunch, SF popsicle for mid-afternoon and 4oz. cream soup w/ 4oz. SF pudding for dinner. I'd chew a Flintstone's complete w/ breakfast and dinner and take my Tagament at bedtime. By Monday, I was _really_ getting sick of the soup and Jell-O, so I was thankful my first post-op visit was coming up on the 21st (where I was to be given my 2nd diet).

I felt rather weak the entire time and even had multiple episodes of becoming extremely weak to the point of almost passing out while showering every day (more about this later). But, with the exception of Saturday, I was able to take my 15 minute (albeit slow) walks every day.

I made an effort to get up and do things for myself as opposed to asking others to do them for me. I knew it was best for me to be up and moving around as much as I could tolerate. My husband kept catching himself asking if I wanted him to do something for me. (He's the best!)

I slept quite well the entire week despite having to completely pick myself up to turn from side to side.

I'd say my biggest issues were gas pain, the weakness caused by taking showers and dizziness. Thankfully, the gas pain issue was largely relieved by switching to lactaid, and the others were answered with my 1st post op visit. More on that later ...

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