18 October 2005

The Navy's In Town!

For the first time _ever_ I shopped at and bought clothes for myself from Old Navy last night. (I don't think Old Navy was around the last time I was able to fit into "Misses" or "Regular" sized clothing.) I did learn, though, that Old Navy has a Plus sized line of clothing for women now, but previous to last night I had no idea they did because it's not something they’ve publicized very well. (Oh, the shame of being a woman and being overweight!)

Despite the existence of the Plus sized line, I was very interested in seeing if I’d fit into pieces from the misses sizes. I ended up purchasing 2 pairs of pants from the misses line (probably more of a mental victory for me than anything) even though pants from the plus line might have fit a little better.

But, what it left me wondering is why are a pair of pants in a misses size 20 cheaper than a pair of pants in a plus size 14? Is the cost of designing and manufacturing plus sized clothing that much greater than petite sized clothing (which in my experience isn’t any more expensive than misses clothing)? Yes, I realize there’s more fabric needed for plus sized clothes as opposed to petite, but in the case of my earlier question, there’s got to be more fabric going into a misses size 20 than into the plus size 14.

I’ve stepped down from my soapbox. Thankfully, I lost 4 lbs over the past week. So that takes me to a total loss of 69 lbs and ever closer to hitting the below 200 lb mark. I do, however, finally weigh less than my husband. Yeah!!!!!

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