26 October 2005


I love Halloween. I don't know exactly why it is, but I do. Maybe it's because as a child my parents were never into it, so I never had a very good costume or anything. They'd let me go trick-or-treating and everything, but it wasn't a big deal to them at all. So, recently, I bought some candy to give out to kids on Halloween and decided to take some in to share with my co-workers. I've had it there for about a week, and every day I have to refill it. But, I've been very good. I haven't had one piece of the stuff despite the fact that in previous years it was the one time of year I'd allow myself candy. Although, I will admit I did buy myself a small bag of sugar free York Peppermint Patties. I've had a few, but it's not something that I'm really drawn to anymore.

And, further bolstering my resolve, I had to get a new ID today, and when the person taking my picture saw what my old picture looked like, she was thoroughly shocked! I hadn't looked at my old ID much, and now that I have the new one to compare it to, I just can't believe the difference!! It's soooo fabulous!!

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Holly said...

it's time for me to get a new license and military i.d... every time i have to show them people look at me funny. i think the only thing that helps them realize that it's really me is that i have the same short funky purple red hair that i always did.

you look great :o )

oh, and about the clothes.. i know it's hard to keep getting newer smaller stuff. i was thankful when someone passed down a whole bunch of clothes to me. i also spend time eyeballing the racks at the thrift store...

and now i can wear my husband's sweatshirts and jackets.. heehee!