10 October 2005

Thoroughly Frustrated

Not only is my hair falling out, but I haven't lost more than 2 lbs over the past 2 weeks. I'm doing 32 minutes on the elliptical every other day (which is a lot more than I'd (sadly) been doing), I'm not sitting on my butt all day at work (I end up having to run all over the 4 building complex I work in all day) and I know I'm eating well. (For example, we went to a dinner party on Saturday, and everyone else was pigging out on cookies, tortilla chips and soda. I had not even one! And, yesterday, I spent probably a half hour to 45 minutes searching for a low calorie, low fat, high protein recipe that I could make and eat for dinner over the next few days.) I know I shouldn't compare, but I look at other RNY post-ops who had surgery about the same time, and they've lost so much more than me! What the hell am I doing wrong?

Yes, I'm thrilled with the 64lbs I have lost (as compared with nothing), but because I'm not losing at the rate I'd like, I'm becoming much more critical of the issues with my body that are really sticking out to me now. And I _really_ wanted to be around a 100lb total loss by the time we go down to my husband's mother's house for Thanksgiving. Now, I'm beginning to doubt if I'll even be under 200lbs by then. :P~~~~~~!!!!!

One positive note, I got two new bras yesterday, and as Stacy and Clinton would say, the girls are finally up where they should be! And, it's a completely comfortable bra! Yeah!!!

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