02 May 2006

It stuck!

I am officially in the 140s (149.2) as of today! Yippie! As usual given my close proximity to 148.x, I would have liked more (b/c I'm greedy!), but I'm happy with this past week's 2lb loss! No word on the blood results yet; they tend to be a little slow about getting back to me once they've received results.

My new bathing suit arrived yesterday. The top is exactly what I was looking for in terms of support. And, because it's a tankini, it is a little forgiving of the various bumps in the abdominal area. The bottom is a bit on the tight side across the derriere, but it's not uncomfortable. And, I think it will be best going forward. That being said, I'd likely be very uncomfortable with it right now without the skirt. The skirt is sooo awesome! It covers just about all of my really uncomfortable areas; although, the area just above my mid-thigh has this odd crease in it that isn't covered by the skirt. But, considering what it does cover, I'll have to deal. I'm curious, though, about what it will look like once it gets wet. Is it going to just "suck" onto my legs? I sure hope not! Depending upon my mood, I may post a pic of me in it for you guys. The way I look at it is if I'm willing to show myself in it to people I "know" why the heck not share it with the world, right? I mean, y'all will be less critical, right? ;)

Oh, and I've decided to do something that confirms I must be insane! My sister's talked me into doing the Nike Women's Half Marathon in October 2007! I'm not a runner, so there are a few factors that have helped me decide to do it. 1) It's in San Francisco, and I LOVE San Francisco! 2) It's specifically tailored toward women with the "chocolate mile", pedicure and massage stations and a special finisher necklace designed by Tiffany. 3) I have over a year to train/prepare for it. 4) And, the biggest reason I'm willing to do it: they are ok with people walking most of it! So, I know I can do it! I'm hoping to start a Landscape Architecture program in the fall of 2007, so who knows where I'll be living at the time. But, since it's on a weekend, it shouldn't matter. I'm very excited about it!


Sandi said...

Jenn, this marathon sounds awesome... I am amazed and inspired that you'd actually FLY across the country to be in a race! That's assuming that you are still in NY then. Is there really a chance that you'll move? Wow. Big doin's coming your way.

Congrats on the 140s. Will this be your goal weight place or are you going into 130s land? It's hard to believe that "goal" is so close.

And I think that you should post the tankini photo...It's just the WORLD WIDE WEB! what could possibly go wrong?

Jessica said...

That race sounds wonderful! I hope you registered because I just went to the website and registration is already closed! Keep us posted on your training progress.

Melissa said...

Aloha. Waiting for the tankini pic. Smile. I know you will be looking good in it ! The race sounds exciting and it will give you the incentive to exercise to get ready for it. Life has surely made a turn for the better for you.
So happy for your continued progress.

Jenn said...

Sandi - Yep, there's a good chance I'll move ... if I can get the school thing worked out. Oh, no, I'm not planning to stay in the 140s too long! I wanna get to 130s land! You're too funny! Like a photo of me would make it around the internet!

Jessica - Actually, I'm going to do the 2007 race, so they haven't opened up registration for it yet. I don't think I could get ready in time for the 2006 race even if it were still available. :)

Melissa - Gotta get the camera home from work sometime to take one. I'll try to do it sometime this weekend! :)

jenn said...

I'm not kidding - I'll do the 1/2 marathon with you, esp. if you're walking the bulk of it! We should talk. I love SF too!! :) And, I'll need a goal after doing the Danskin tri in August!