17 May 2006

Why am I falling apart?

So, I don't know if I've mentioned this previously, but I have torn cartilage in my right wrist. I saw a orthopedic surgeon some time ago, and apparently, cartilage doesn't heal on its own, ever. So, she suggested I try physical therapy to see if building up the muscles around the wrist would help relieve pain. So, I saw a PT for about a month and then continued the exercises she gave me. For a while, the exercises seemed to be working, but lately, the pain has come back. So, I made an appointment with the surgeon, and she decided the next course of action was a Cortisone injection. I had the injection (a very long needle directly into my wrist which actually didn't hurt all that much until she started pushing the fluid into the wrist and then the "you're going to feel some pressure now" pain started) on Monday afternoon, and almost immediately pretty major pain in the wrist began. I had asked her about what the known side-effects were, and she said that the 2 most common were pretty rare. But, of course, it's me we're talking about, so I developed one of them, severe pain in my wrist. It was so bad that I could do just about nothing. So, I called the doc back on Tuesday morning (after calling in to work) and learned it was "normal" (for the few people who react this way) but that I could have something for the pain. But, since I can't have NSAIDs, it made that trickier. She prescribed Ultracet, and after work, my husband took me to Target to pick it up. (Imagine right-handed me trying to drive my manual transmission Jetta while in severe pain. Not fun!) I took the 2 prescribed pills almost immediately after arriving home, and then came the loopyness. I felt like a complete ditz all night! Thankfully, though, the pain meds enabled me to actually use my right arm, so I'll deal. I tried just 1 pill this morning (after arriving at work so that I wasn't driving like that), and while the result was less intense, the loopyness was still there. Lucky me! It was ok to feel drunk at work! :) The pain seems to be subsiding even more, so I'm going to try not taking any more meds and see how that goes.

Amazingly, I lost another 2 lbs last week! And, I somehow breezed right through my 11 month WLS anniversary Sunday. I guess it was all the Mother's Day bru-ha-ha that did it. Anyways, I was very surprised to see 146.0 on Tuesday morning as I'd been stuck at 148.0 for over a week. One more month to my 1 year anniversary, so I doubt I'll be at goal weight for it, but that's ok. It will be close, and I'll just have another thing to celebrate after the 1 year anniversary. Man, what a year!

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