04 May 2006

There's this burning sensation ...

I do believe I have an effing urinary tract infection. Dangit! I've never had one before, but from what I can gather, the symptoms, burning sensation when peeing; feeling like I need to go all the time; and now blood in my urine, are classic. Yippie! Just what I need. NOT! I did hear back from my general doc today about my blood test results; all normal. Good, I know, but it doesn't explain the foot cramps. And, on the same thread, I also heard about my fasting glucose and insulin results from my GYN's nurse today. Glucose is 81 (up a little from December's 77 but still in the low, normal range) and insulin is 6.8 (also in the low, normal range, but no # from December to compare to). So, we'll see if the doc wants to keep me on the 4mg/day of Avandia or not. I'm guessing so. Bummer!


Sandi said...

Bummer Jenn. Not a good time for you to have to deal with this...it's spring and you want to get out there and move! I don't know what we can do for tract infections like this--I think Cranberry juice (my gma's old stand by) would be a no no...hmmmm. Some research is in order here. Please tell us what the treatment ends up being ok? I've never had one either, but with the radical new life, I have a feeling... Hey, I've got a personal question for you if you're willing. It's about the marathon in SF. If you are willing, my email is sandihooper@yahoo.com. I promise I won't give out your email addy, ok? And if you'd rather not, no biggie. I understand.

Jessica said...

I've had several UTI's. There is an over the counter med, URISTAT, that will temporarily relieve discomfort. I always start that right away and then usually need to get an antibiotic, MACROBID, from the doctor. Drink LOTS of fluids.

Never had the blood, though. Not sure if that's normal.

Hope it gets better.