30 April 2007

What a fabulous day!

Lounging in the park
Yesterday turned out to be one of the best spring days thus far! It started out gloomily enough but then turned into a gloriously sunny, slightly breezy meant to be enjoyed outside day! So, after enjoying our bi-weekly dim sum tradition, we decided to pick up a loaf of bread and head out to a local park to feed the fishies, duckies and anything else that happened our way. To our surprise, there weren't any ducks in the pond when we arrived, so the fishies reaped the benefits. It was so cool watching them swarm after the bread crumbs. And, eventually, one lone Mallard flew in, ate a few small pieces of bread and took off. And, we even got a few other small birds to take some bread. We said hi to a few doggies and walked around a bit but then both decided we'd better get back home to get to work (I needed to review for my final which is on Tuesday and my husband had major work on a website revision that's being launched today), but on our way out of the park, we both decided we just needed more time outside. So, remembering the blanket we keep in the trunk for just such occasions, we turned around and found a nice spot at the top of a hill overlooking the park. And, there we laid for about an hour just soaking in the sun. Oh, how glorious! We limited ourselves to just that hour, but we were both glad we did. I only hope for more days like that one.

Playing in the sculpture garden

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