08 April 2006

The Dr. Is In

Had 2 doctor appointments this past Wednesday. The first was w/ the nurse practitioner at my surgeon's office; I've been having some pain for about 2 weeks in the lower-left abdominal area, and since I was going up there to see the gynecologist anyway, I got myself an appointment. I was a little disappointed in that the person who brought me back to the exam room didn't ask to weigh me and then even more disappointed because I waited over a half hour from my appointment time for the nurse practitioner to come in to see me. Once she finally came in (and I let her know she needed to be quick b/c I had another appointment at a different hospital in less than a half hour), she pushed, poked, prodded and even thwacked me to see if she could produce the pain. It doesn't hurt all the time, and it feels as though someone is pulling on something in there when it happens. So, she decided to order a CT scan to see if she could determine if it's an adhesion, hernia or something going on with the cysts on my ovaries. Thankfully, she was fine w/ me scheduling it down here so that I don't have to go back up there again.

I was only about 10 minutes late for my 2nd appointment, and it ended up that the doctor was running behind too (big surprise, huh?!). We talked about how I've been feeling since she lowered my Avandia dosage, if I've had any more of my weakness spells and about the pain I've been having. She agreed w/ the course of the CT scan for the pain and asked that she be appraised of the results as well. She was very pleased with my weight loss and even said that she didn't think I needed to lose anymore; although, she didn't think it was so bad when I told her I wanted to lose 19 more. She even said that she had a few other patients w/ PCOS who'd had the surgery and she felt I'd been the most successful. That was really nice to hear. She's going to have me do another fasting blood draw to determine what my fasting glucose and insulin levels are to see if she's willing to have me STOP taking Avandia! Yippie! It's only 1 pill a day, but to cut anything out would be awesome! And when I mentioned the kayaking, she said that was a great activity as the latest research shows that patients with PCOS/insulin resistance have better luck reducing the insulin resistance with increased muscle mass, so that's very cool!

After leaving the hospital, I decided to do a little shopping before going to my haircut appointment. I found 2 shirts, 2 pairs of capris and 2 very pretty camis at Eddie Bauer for less than $100! And, the shirts are a Medium! Although, one of the pairs of pants is a 12; I'll never get why it is sizes within a brand vary so much.

Then came the trauma. After the person was finished cutting and styling my hair, she handed me a mirror so I could see the back after she spun me around. Almost immediately upon seeing the back of my hair, I felt the tears welling up. I could really see my scalp though my hair. I felt really badly because the person cutting my hair wasn't the normal person I see, so she knew nothing about me. And, on top of that, she's pregnant, so I'm sure her emotions are all out of whack. It just really hit me because I don't normally look at the back of my head, and with all the bright, overhead lights it made it really obvious. It truly sucks, but would I give myself more hair in exchange for the 120lbs I've lost? NO WAY!!

So, on the way home, I stopped at an outlet mall because I was in search of a dress (yes, a dress) for Easter. I found an absolutely gorgeous (on sale!) one at J Crew. I'll have someone take a pic of me in it to show you! I just can't believe I'm happy (much less willing) to be seen in a dress, and it's a size 10 to boot! Oh, and when I asked the sales person if they had a white sweater to wear with it (because I fear it may still be a little chilly next weekend, and the dress has just spaghetti straps), she asked what size, a Medium? I loved it!

Tonight the hubby and I are going out with friends from NYC who are in town for the weekend, and tomorrow we have tickets to see Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab For Cutie! I can't wait!!


Holly said...

i'm going to have to try one of these eddie bauer stores.

i'm going through being displaced from lane bryant and i am adrift. i always knew that was "my store" that was where i went. if it wasn't there, then it didn't exist, and i shouldn't bother elsewhere.

now, i can buy a women's XL, i can shop... anywhere?

really. me? anywhere? what the hell? there is no guidance. there are khakhi pants in EVERY STORE. how do i CHOSE??


(er.. sorry for the meltdown)

Jessica said...

Got the EB catalog the other day. Cute stuff this spring! I can't wait until I can shop there again :)

Jenn said...

Holly - What I've found that works best for me is to go to a store that has different "fits" and try them all on to find which one works best for me. At Eddie Bauer, it's their Vashon fit, and thus far, there's not a pair of Vashon fit pants that hasn't worked well for me. At J.Crew, it's their City Fit. It's odd, if I try on another fit at Eddie Bauer in the same exact size as a pair of Vashon fit pants, they don't fit the same. I guess they're trying to provide different styles so as to "fit" the biggest number of people, but it's somewhat annoying too. I wish you luck!

Melissa said...

Hi Jenn, Enjoy reading of your progress. Your doing very well. Hope your tests with the doc comes out okay. Hope you had a nice time with hubby.