18 April 2006


Today, I am normal. Well, normal according to the CDC's Adult BMI Calculator, at least. This is a pretty significant achievement for me. Yes, I know it's just a determination from the government, but it's nice to be in the range of normalcy. Most of my life, I've actually striven at not being "normal". In middle school, for example, I started wearing a ribbon in my hair, and as soon as a bunch of other girls started doing the same, I stopped. I paint my toenails odd colors; they're currently an aqua-green. I prefer to be unique and have changed my style if it becomes the norm. But, in this regard, I'm thrilled to be normal!

Now, I've got 3 more milestones: under 150 lbs (b/c 150 still seems "overweight" to me), size 8 pants and my goal weight of 135 lbs. I'm now just 3 lbs from 149 lbs, my size 10 pants are starting to become a little loose and I'm just 17 lbs from my goal. Not much further ... to get me to what may be one of the biggest challenges yet, maintaining!


Melissa said...

Smiling. I'm glad your normal. I was lauging cause I have been like you, I always did things to set myself a part from others. I always did things to be different.
Your doing great with your weight Jenn. Keep up the good work.

Holly said...


I'm a few pounds away from no longer being obese. How happy I will be to be merely "overweight"!