25 April 2006

One more down and 16 to go!

Sure, I would have rather have lost more (especially since I was down to 150 on Saturday but back up to 151 on Sunday), but I'll take the one. It's much better than nothing! Could I be satisfied with where I'm at right now? Probably, but I really want more. I'd really like there to be less fat available to spread within my loose skin when I sit down. I truly am pleased with how my abdominal area looks when I'm standing ... even when naked, and I'm beginning to like how my legs look again when standing. But, sitting is an entirely different matter! Yes, I know it could be worse, but the spread is just too much when there aren't clothes constricting it! (And, of course, I "discovered" it at a most inopportune time, with, shall I say, my husband around!) Unfortunately, with the goal of going back to school full-time in the near future, I just can't justify spending money for plastic surgery! So, I've just got to lose the last 16 lbs; then, maybe, I'll be able to deal with the naked, sitting me.

I'm happy to report that I've finally learned to eat (and like!) cottage cheese! It's just so the perfect food that I've been trying to get myself to eat it for a long time. Thankfully, I discovered I can tolerate it by getting Breakstone's Cottage Doubles. Fourteen grams of protein per serving! And, by taking just tiny bites of the fruit with the cottage cheese, I'm not getting all of the sugar! Yippie! Unfortunately, though, I've also discovered I like coffee but only in non-fat, sugar free vanilla latte form, so it's freaking expensive! I've _never_ been a coffee drinker, so this is surprising for me! So many of my tastes have changed since surgery, but I'll still never eat a raw tomato. Yucko!


Claire said...

I recently rediscovered coffee and limit myself to have it only if with low fat milk, that is until I was introduced to Starbucks decaf. OMG! Now I have to have a Grande decaf every single afternoon, I would have one in the morning as well, but I feel loyal to the coffee vendor outside my office building and if he saw me leaving Starbucks, well, I would feel like I had been cheating on him! How weird is that!

Melissa said...

Jenn you are really doing good with your weight loss. I had decaf coffee today at Borders and ended up throwing it away. I just did not like it. I used to be a Starbucks junkie but I'm afraid to go there and lose it so not going there. As for plastic surgery, well we'll see when the tim comes. If you feel comfortable and your husband ok with what the rest of world can't see, then that is all that matters.