21 April 2006

Skewed Perception

I set up a videoconference today (a pretty normal part of my job), but what was different today was that I had the outgoing video projected on the side screen. This screen is probably 6'x6', so when I went to the lectern to set up things there, I got to see myself in a very large format. I swear I jumped when I saw myself! (Thankfully, none of the participants had arrived yet.) Sure, I see myself every day, but it's typically in the same old mirrors. And, it's a reflection not a large, projected image! I couldn't believe that skinny person looking at me, was me! Mind you, I have a completely different opinion of myself when looking at a naked me, so I guess that's where my skewed perception likely stems from. But, given that there are only a select few who get to (or must) see me naked, I guess I should strive to base my opinion of myself in clothes. And, as such, I also recommend to others of you out there on your way downward to expose yourself (not indecently, though!) to different mirrors (and on video, if possible) as often as possible. It can really help you see yourself more accurately!


Claire said...

I think it is by far the most interesting part of WLS - how we must learn to perceive ourselves differently. Almost every day on the subway I get startled when I see someone else sitting where I am supposed to be sitting - and it is my image all along. I just don't recognize myself anymore.

Melissa said...

I still have that "who is that?" feeling when I look at myself in the mirror. Lately I have been comparing the before and after me pics and I am finding it is hard seeing myself big, I just never realised how I looked. I feel sad for my old self. How could I have let that happen to me. A video I think woud be more shocking as I wonder how I looked struggling to do simple things every day.