03 April 2006

Hiking renewed

My husband and I went hiking both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. Hiking is something I grew up doing with my parents when we lived in Washington. Once we left Washington, we typically hiked while on vacation during the summers, but once I went away to college, the hiking pretty much stopped. I'd always enjoyed it, but it got to be too difficult ... so much so that it was no longer enjoyable. I have some nice hiking boots that my parents got me in about 1992, and during one of my many moves, I was ready to throw them out. I said it was because they'd sat unused for so many years and had been in the garage so they were covered in dirt and who knows what else. But, my husband suggested I keep them. I don't recall thinking this at the time I wanted to throw them out, but I suspect now that I wanted to throw them out because they reminded me of what I could no longer do. And, I figured I'd never be able to use them again. Thankfully, my husband prevailed, and they were kept. So, when we decided to go hiking Saturday, I was happy to find them, clean them up a little and put them on.

Saturday's hike was around 2.5 miles with varying terrain. Then, yesterday's was about 1.5 miles over much more uneven terrain with one section being a choice between a very narrow corner next to a drop-off or a very steep slope. I have had balance issues over the past years due to my weight, and even though I know my balance should be much better now, I still feared the narrow corner. But, with a little coaxing from my husband I did it, and the traverse back was easier. The amazing thing for me was that I could do it all with relative ease, and with the exception of minor leg soreness today, I'm absolutely fine. And, that makes me so glad ... not only because I was able to return to something I used to enjoy because I've lost the weight but because I know that had I not been doing the elliptical and other exercise all along the hikes wouldn't have been as easy (and thoroughly enjoyable) as they were.

I also had a moment of realization with my husband yesterday. I _know_ that I'm smaller than him now, but I'd been bigger than him for so long that my brain just automatically thinks that. So, I decided to try on one of his T-shirts, one that fits him rather snugly, and it was completely baggy on me!!! I think it also hit him with this as well. It's just one of those unconscious things that it takes something like that to smack you in the face. I liked it a lot.


fluffy said...

Jenn - You are doing and look awesome! Keep up the great work. I bet the hiking helped make your husband rethink his earlier concern about you not being active (sorry if I didn't quote it right - that is what I remembered from another post).

Melissa said...

Glad that you are out there exercising and keeping up with your hubby. It is nice to hear of all the quality time you both have been having together. Keep up the good work.

only1 said...

I can't wait to be where you are now. It's exciting to hear that it is possible to go back and do some of those things that used to make me happy. I, too, was big on hiking and still my husband and I hike here and there but not off trail or steep terrain. We live in the middle of the Ozark National Forrest and hiking trails are everywhere, even in town, so I want to be able to go back to doing those more difficult off road trails. Can't wait. Good for your husband for not letting you throw away those boots.