18 March 2006

Dragon Day!

Picture compliments of my new Pink Motorola Razr (work got it for me). Not bad from from a camera phone, huh? Yesterday was Dragon Day on campus. What's Dragon Day, you say? Well, since 1901 there's been a tradition on campus where Freshmen Architecture students design a dragon which is paraded through campus on the last day before Spring Break. It's a huge tradition attended by not only students but also faculty, staff and locals. After making its way around campus, the dragon is taken into the middle of the arts quad where it is burned in a giant bonfire but only after the insane Architecture students dressed in any number of crazy costumes (yesterday, we saw a transformer, a shark with legs hanging out of his mouth and a doggie with his fur painted green) dance and run around the dragon. The significance of this story for me? Well, I've been at least a few times in past years, and despite the fact that it's usually cold during this time of year in upstate NY I'd usually find myself sweating, out of breath and wishing there was an easier way around campus while trying to follow the dragon and the mobs of people. But, not this year! I followed it around without any difficulty, and while walking back to my office with my husband (his building is right beside mine) I was leading him! Man, is that significant!

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Sandi said...

Very cool that you lead the way this year Jenn. This new life is such a miracle. I bet you never imagined how much energy you'd gain, how great you'd feel, even when things are not the best, having your physical health helps, doesn't it? So glad for your good times. It sounds like dh might be figuring out a few things as well. I keep my fingers crossed for you.

And... you haven't mentioned anything about landscape arch lately. Are you still persuing that? I know that with the winter still hanging on, it probably isn't as pressing, but I'm curiously watching your progress on this personal goal.

best to you.