07 March 2006

Nighttime snacking quelled

Well, for the most part at least. I've still allowed myself a snack at night every once in a while, but I believe I've broken the habit of having to munch on something every night. I'm also happy to report that I consistently exercised over the past week, and as a result of my efforts, I lost 4 lbs!! This fact is just amazing to me considering I'm just 7 days from being 9 months out! It's difficult for me to believe it's been almost 9 months, but I've obviously come a long way:

Starting weight: 274 lbs Today's weight: 159 lbs
Starting BMI: 44.9 Today's BMI: 26.1 (only 7 lbs from "normal"!)
Pounds lost: 115 Pounds to goal: 24
Starting shirt size: 3X/4X Today's shirt size: M/L
Starting pant size: 26/28 Today's pant size: 12/14

I even got so cocky this weekend that I toyed with the idea of trying on my high school prom gown. I don't remember what size it was (probably a 14 or so; although I remember thinking it was huge), but because my mom had it all wrapped up in plastic, I decided not to deal with it. But, I'm thinking it would have fit. Maybe one of these days I'll drag out my old prom pictures and have someone take a picture of me in it then post them here. That would be quite the sight ... me in my purple, sequined bodice, puffy-sleeved prom gown!

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