31 March 2006

Glorious Sunshine!!

Hubby and I decided we needed to take advantage of the fabulous 70°, sunny weather today, so we made our way down to the area in town that just teems with college students any 'ole time of day. But given the temperature and sunshine, it was even more of a zoo than it normally is on a Friday afternoon. So, not only did we get to soak in some sunshine, we also got in some fantastic people watching! Now, I don't think I'm the best-dressed person on the planet or anything, and I certainly don't follow all of the latest trends. But, holy cow! Were there some interesting outfits out there today! Is the 80s, like a virgin Madonna look back in? This one woman was wearing so much lace,jewelry and ruffley things that I wasn't sure what she was going for; all I know is it was horrid! Another bonus of the trip? I'm wearing my teenie, white t-shirt today (yes, because of the copious sunshine), and woo-whee were the college boys eyeing me! One even turned and stared right at me as he walked by, and there's me eating my 1/2 sandwich sitting right next to my husband. (Although, no one would have known that; neither of us was wearing our wedding rings!) Yeah, I can handle this weight loss thing; it had better just keep on going, though!

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