29 March 2006

Oh Philly!

What a fabulous 3 days! We left NY somewhere around 9:30am on Saturday and made our way down to my parents' to drop off the doggie. They weren't there (as they were making their way back home from a vacation of their own that day), so I hated leaving him. But, it's a lot better than putting him in a kennel; I just can't put our 13-year-old baby in a kennel anymore. Anyhoo, our plan was to stop on our way into Philly at King of Prussia to try and get lunch at Cheesecake Factory, but as the wait was over 70 minutes, we decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen instead. We shared their Tuscan hummus appetizer and Chipotle Chicken pizza. Yummy! Then, because of time, we skipped going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (bad!) so that I could go to the Mini Cooper dealer near Philly. I want one so badly! Can't you just see me tooling around in it?! Although, we didn't spend more than a half hour there as I just wanted to sit in one and grab a brochure to drool over, so we really didn't skip the museum for the Mini dealer. :)

After leaving the Mini dealer (I had to be drug away), we made our way downtown to our hotel, The Loews Philadelphia. It was rather busy at the time we arrived, and the hotel parking garage was full. So, while I got us checked in, the hubby parked the car at another lot a couple of blocks away. I have this issue with creating such anticipation and expectation when I'm looking forward to something that I usually end up disappointed, so I was a little bit trepidatious. I was in no way disappointed with our room! It was a corner-room on the 20th floor with windows facing both City Hall and the north side of the city.
We had dinner reservations at 6:30pm, and there was a little shopping I wanted to do before dinner. So, We left the hotel shortly after arriving and getting changed. Dinner was at Susanna Foo, and oh, my gosh! I had filet mignon medallions served with bok choy, fingerling potatoes and other Asian vegetables in a Szechuan sauce. It was by far the best food we've had outside of San Francisco, and that includes NYC! Oh, and dessert! I don't even fully remember what it was, but it was just perfect! Some sort of mousse enrobed in a lime and chocolate shell served with a small mound of lime sorbet, lychees and raspberry sauce. Yummmmyyy!!!

After walking back to the hotel after dinner, we changed again for our planned outing to a local dance club, Denim Lounge. While I'd been feeling quite good about myself earlier once I changed into what I'd brought to wear to the club, I began feeling self-conscious. So, before hailing a cab to take us to the club, we found our way into the hotel's restaurant/lounge for a drink. I ordered my traditional Cosmopolitan and planned on sipping it very carefully. Let's just say by the time we were ready to leave I was beyond buzzed. So, once we arrived at the club I was feeling rather pleasant and not so self-conscious. What my fear stemmed from most was that from what we'd read the club was a bit upscale, so I feared we'd be turned away ... based on how I looked. I know I shouldn't have been self-conscious about it, so that's why I plied myself before going with the Cosmo. We got in without incident (after paying $10 for me and $20 for the hubby), and I had him get me another Cosmo. The DJ was fantastic, and within 15 minutes I was dancing (drink in hand). I hadn't been dancing in years, and even before WLS I wasn't much of a drinker. So, with the help of the Cosmo, I developed a bit more confidence, and by the time we left, we were dancing with each other quite raucously. It felt fantastic! Happily, we caught a cab upon stepping foot out the door, and after drinking as much water as I could after returning to the hotel, I crashed quite hard.

Amazingly, I woke the next morning somewhere around 7:30am and had a very strong desire to go to the gym. (Yes, I must be insane!) But, yeah, no hangover! So, after leisurely dressing and eating a Kashi bar, I headed downstairs to the hotel gym. I first tried their elliptical, and I must say it was the crappiest thing I've ever used! Yes, I'm spoiled by my Precor elliptical, but for crying out loud I could barely move on the thing! So, I got off within 2 minutes and chose a treadmill instead. That thing was annoying as well, but I at least got 35 minutes in despite my tennis shoes scraping at my right ankle causing it to bleed. After the gym, showering and getting ready, we booked it (quite literally) 10 blocks east where we had brunch reservations, Cuba Libre, because we got away a bit late; we made it in less than 20 minutes, and I wasn't sweating profusely by the time we got there. Yippie! I had their Ropa Hash which is finely chopped beef brisket ropa vieja tossed with minced scallions, potatoes and hot peppers. Topped with two eggs any style and accompanied by grilled scallion flat bread. I didn't eat anywhere near all of it, but man did I enjoy what I had! Oh, and I saw someone's fabulous Marc Jacobs coat which I'm now on a quest to find! If I ever find it, though, I'll probably never be able to afford it. :P

After brunch we had plans to stay in the Old City and visit some of the historical sites. After picking up tickets for Independence Hall, we visited the Liberty Bell (that's hubby on the right) and the buildings surrounding Independence Hall. So, I know I've spent a lot more time on describing food and clubbing, but what more can I say about these sites other than that it was rather amazing to be in the places where such pivotal events took place so long ago. It was incredible!

All right, this post is already monumental, and I'm beyond tired. So, I'll just have to finish the rest another night. More to come!

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mayablue said...

OMG...my husband thinks I'm weird because I sooo want a Mini Cooper. I've never been big on cars before until I saw one. He keeps saying "do you know how small it is?" Well duh...that's what makes it so cool! Unfortunately since I am the one driving 3 kids around I'm stuck with a good old minivan. But one of these days I'm going to own one. Sounds like you had a great trip!