12 March 2006

Fantastic Saturday ... and Sunday!

Despite waking up at 7am Saturday morning (although I shouldn't complain since I went to bed at 9pm the night before), I had a very good day Saturday. After tending the doggie, eating breakfast, doing the elliptical and getting ready, I left the house on a quest to get some new PJs as all of the PJs I have that even remotely fit are flannels. I happily found a pair of Nick & Nora PJs on clearance at Target, and given the roominess of a size large pair I have of the same brand, I decided to buy a Medium. And, they fit, yippie!

It was a fabulous day outside (mid 50s) for upstate NY in March, so I got the itch for plants and stopped at a local greenhouse that's on the way home. I got a fabulous Staghorn Fern for the bathroom as well as an ET Fern, Maidenhair Fern and Tentacle Fern for various places around the house. (Can you tell I like ferns?) I was sooo happy to be buying plants; it's the first time in quite a while!

After getting home, I found my husband had called as we had plans to go to a local state park to take advantage of the fantastic day. We took the 3/4 mile trail to the base of the falls and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was so nice being outside in the (relatively) warm air and the sun. Having grown up camping all the time in the Pacific Northwest, I was at times reminded of my youth while walking the trail. And, while the trail was mostly flat, I greeted the few hills with aplomb. I look forward to the approaching spring and my new found ability to take advantage of all of the outdoor activities available in the area. I really just can't wait.

After leaving the park, we made our way to the grocery store to pick up the needed ingredients for the dinner Thai Steamed Chicken and Vegetables I planned on making. It turned out pretty well; although, the sauce wasn't completely to my taste. The chicken, however, was amazingly tender, juicy and flavorful.

Then, after dinner, we watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I'd seen it at the theater with my sister the weekend she was up here helping me make it through the weekend, so I didn't remember a whole lot about it. I enjoyed it; although, it's not my favorite of the 4 movies. Then, he stayed the night. :)

I went to my parents' this morning as I had an early birthday present to deliver to my dad. After church, I met my parents at the Texas Roadhouse, and after ordering, I presented my dad with the present. My dad is now the proud owner of a 30GB iPod w/ Video! (My sister got him the iPod, and I got him a case.) Part of my present to him was setting it all up, so I was at their house most of the afternoon. No, it doesn't actually take that long to set up an iPod, but I ripped about 6 CDs for him and wrote complete instructions for the whole process for my dad (as he tends to forget things until he's done them a million times).

Oh, and I took 6 more things to the consignment shop and found I had $59 waiting for me for previous things I'd taken!! Yeah!!! It was also very nice to hear the usually grumpy clerk tell me I have absolutely beautiful clothes and that they look forward to me bringing them in.

A good weekend. I'd like more like these, please. :)


Holly said...

i took my first load of clothes to the consignment shop this past weekend. i felt bad about it, thinking about all the things those clothes had "seen" with me, and the things i only got to wear once or twice before they didn't fit anymore.

but then i thought about the $$$ to buy newer, smaller clothes and thought HOT DAMN!

glad you had a wonderful weekend. it sounds like you had a really nice time.

cmhl said...

so tell me, so you LIKE the elliptical? I do it, but I can't say that I like it--- I think it is HARD to do, it wears me out right above my knees..

ok, I"m wimpy... haha.

Sandi said...

Yea for you Jenn! Congrats on the fab weekend (especially the sleep over-wink, wink) and so I hope you got eggggg sack ly the right jammies. I'm also envious of the ferns, can not keep 'em alive and I LIVE in the home of the ferns!

And question: how did/do you like the Jane Austen Book Club? I picked it up a couple of times and put it back...

Jenn said...

Holly - Isn't it absolutely fabulous to be able to get money out of the clothes that don't fit anymore?!

cmhl - Yep, I really love the elliptical! Insane, huh?!

Sandi - I've had a difficult time getting through The Jane Austen Book Club too. It's been at my bedside for probably 5 months, and I just can't seem to get into it. As such, I should probably remove it from my list. ;)