10 January 2006

I Got Knocked Off the Exercise Wagon!

Seriously, I've just been completely unable to motivate myself to exercise since I've come back home. There have been a number of nights where I've been out a little late spending time with my husband and other nights where I've told myself I'm going to do it and then find one excuse or another not to do it. I'm going to do the elliptical tonight, though! Really, I am!! And, I know there are other times when I could exercise, and morning would probably be better in terms of how it would make me feel throughout the day. But, because of my hirsutism, I'm already getting up at 5am each day; I just don't think I can drag my butt out of bed any earlier. I have been eating a lot better than I did while I was at my sister's, so I did manage to lose 2 lbs for the week bringing my total loss to 98lbs! I remember a time when I thought I might reach a 100lb total loss by Thanksgiving. Pooohhshhhaaa! What was I thinking?! So, given my lack of exercise for the week, I was happy with the 2lb loss, and I look forward to reaching the 100lb milestone ... ever closer to my goal. I've just got to keep plugging away!


Holly said...

that 100 pound loss will be yours in no time!

it's hard to focus on exercise when there are so many things going on in your life. if you can't make it to the elliptical possibly small things like parking in the back of the parking lot (my new "thing") or taking the stairs (if you don't already)

i bought a yoga mat and i'm going to the library to check out a yoga dvd here shortly. stretching feels so damn good.

Jenn said...

Well, I did it. Thirty-three minutes and 302.4 calories on the elliptical tonight. Yeah!

zeezee said...

but you are SOO close to the 100# mark.. i am so proud of you :)