28 January 2006

Shocking reflection

My husband and I went to the winter opening of the art museum on campus last night, and after browsing a few of the new exhibits, we decided to make our way up to the 5th floor where a fantastic view of the city is afforded. Thankfully, most of the activities were going on downstairs, so the 5th floor was rather quiet. We found a couch directly in front of the largest picture window which overlooks the city, the lake and unfortunately Sprawl-Mart and took a seat. It had gotten dark outside, so what we were able to make out was mostly the lights (which is why Sprawl-Mart was so obvious). As we sat there taking in everything, I noticed something I hadn't at first, my reflection in the window. It literally almost knocked me over. I stared at my upper body with awe; I couldn't believe that was me! That skinny person staring back at me is ... me! No, freaking, way!! There's no longer a curve outward from my shoulders; my arms just drop straight down. I honestly think that was the biggest shock for me. I'm really not accurately describing how I felt, though. I'm not sure that I can.

From the museum we went to a restaurant neither of us had ever been to before. There we enjoyed good wine, a fantastic fondue and other things I shouldn't have eaten. None of it was too horrible though, and while I honestly never really had a problem with significant overeating before WLS, what I've found now is I'm able to manage what I eat (in terms of portion) so much more easily now. I know that if I push it, I'll end up feeling horribly, more horribly than I ever did after overeating before WLS. So, I just don't do it.

After dinner, we decided to go to a local cafe for their Friday night Jazz. We both had tea and soaked in the atmosphere. It was a fantastic night! I hope there are many more!


Holly said...

sounds like a wonderful evening.. and a wonderful realization.

i know what you mean about your arms curving outward. i realized that the other day. my arms just hang at my sides now.


jenn said...

Way to go. Aren't these little moments just IT! It's just so cool when it clicks - it's a lot to absorb, having one's body shift and change so quickly (and you rny folk put to me shame speed-wise - i can't imagine keeping up with the rapidity of your changes). Keep up the good work. Have your husband take a few shots with his digital camera next time you see him & post'em. I'm dying to see!

Kim said...

Take a long look at your new reflection and enjoy the view! It is so hard to accept our new forms, isn't it? Still to this day, I'll catch a reflection of myself and think that someone it's someone else...and I'm over two years out! You're doing great and it sounds like you and your husband had the perfect evening, minus the "Sprawl-Mart" :o)