14 January 2006

Today Is The Day!!

The scale read 174.0 lbs this morning giving me a total of 100 lbs lost!!!! I honestly can't believe I've lost 100 lbs. My sister weighs about 103 lbs, so I've lost about one of her. I've lost a whole person. Man, is that hard to believe.

My husband came over last night. It was our doggie's 13th birthday, and I volunteered to make dinner. (For us not the doggie; although, believe me, he got so many extra treats yesterday he was farting up a storm all night!) I made roasted new potatoes and fresh green beans, and he got some salmon from Wegmans. For an extra $1 per pound they'll cook it for you, so that's what he had them do. It was all very good! After dinner, we watched the Wedding Crashers and then ended up talking for a while. I found out one thing in particular that really hurt me ... really made me feel betrayed. But, we were able to talk it through (something we were never able to do successfully before), so I feel better about it now. I'm still hurt, but not in the same way. And, I really, really, really wanted him to stay over last night, but I knew he wouldn't. I don't think I came out and asked because I didn't want to hear him say no, but he knew it's what I wanted. We're making progress, though; two weeks ago he wouldn't have even come over.


Jessica said...

I am so proud of you. That's a great accomplishment! You go girl!!!!

Sounds like you and hubby are making good progress.

Holly said...


jenn said...

Hot damn girl! I hit 50 today :) - these milestones are so exciting - but 100, that is IT. Good for you, and only 39 to go - that is so excellent. Good for you! Now, where are the photos? Before & Now, please :)

The Catapillar said...

I am glad to hear that you and your husband are making progress. I'll keep praying...:)