19 February 2006

Bizarre weekend

Yesterday, I woke up with a pinch in my neck presumably from sleeping oddly on it somehow. As such, everything I tried to do caused pain. Everything but sitting on my butt in front of the TV, that is. So, that's what I did ... despite needing to do the elliptical, clean up the kitchen, vacuum the house, mop just about the whole house and do laundry. I farted around on the computer, watched the Olympics, read and watched a good portion of season 2 from Sex in the City. And, as the day crept by, I felt worse and worse both physically and mentally. Each time I got up, my head would spin, and I felt weak. And, mentally, I felt extremely guilty about doing nothing all day long even though I have only myself to answer to. I took multiple Tylenol, took a hot shower letting the water run on my neck for a long time and used a lavender-filled neck roll heated for 2 minutes in the microwave all to no avail.

I woke up this morning still with a twinge of pain in my neck but decided I couldn't let it keep me from doing what I needed to do. After munching down my daily Kashi breakfast bar and banana, I hopped on the elliptical. At some point during my time on the elliptical, I noticed the pain was gone! Damnit! Why didn't I just do this yesterday?! So, today's just been full of accomplishing those things that I needed ( and wanted) to do. The only thing really left to do is clean up the kitchen, but now that I've cooked Black Bean Turkey Chili and taken everything that was in the stove drawer out (b/c the mouse was yet again all over it) to be washed again, the mess is much bigger, and it's unlikely I'll get it cleaned up tonight. I loathe washing dishes. :P

One of the things that I accomplished today was throwing away the dead mouse that the trap I bought caught. I finally gave in and bought traps on Friday because the previous night the thing chewed through the plastic lid to a container of dog treats. And, after telling my co-workers about it, they proceeded to tell me stories of how much they pee and crap all over the place. And, not only do they scare the crap out of me the idea of having their excrement all over the kitchen was enough to make me want to get rid of it. And, since it was pointed out to me that even if I were to humanely trap it and set it free outside far away from the house it would probably still die due to the cold and lack of food, I decided the snap trap was the way to go. I hated doing it, but I just couldn't take having it around anymore. I set them on Friday night, and by Saturday morning, I found one of the traps no longer "set". They were covered traps, so I couldn't see much (as I really didn't want to see much). Even with the traps being covered, I couldn't stand the idea of getting anywhere near it. But, today, I decided having it dead inside my cabinet wasn't a good thing either. So, I mustered about all the courage I could and threw it in a small, lined garbage can and then dumped that into the big can in the garage. I'm very sorry Mr./Ms. Mouse, but we just couldn't continue to co-exist.

And, I know I've said it once before, but it warrants another time. I just _love_ my iPod! While completing the myriad of tasks, I was jamming to it, and it made the whole thing pass so much more quickly. Previously, I'd try listening to CDs while cleaning and would find it impossible to do without blasting the neighbor, so it's perfect b/c I can just take it along w/ me regardless of whether I'm vacuuming or cooking or watering/tending my plants, etc.

All right, I've blathered on enough about nothing. If you've read this far, you're a good friend. :)


PHYLOS said...

Ola, como vai? Boa sorte e adeus.

Jessica said...

You had me laughing about the mouse! I'm glad the neck feels better.