12 February 2006

Time for more shopping

I went down to my parents' yesterday to spend the weekend there. And, after taking 6 more pieces of too big clothing to the consignment shop (there's a limit of 6 pieces/day) and collecting my $20 from the previous 6 pieces (yeah!), my mom and I made our way over to the bastion of consumerism (the mall) so I could hopefully fulfill my quest to find a skirt to go with a jacket I already had. I figured I'd have the most luck at Kaufmann's, so we started there. I, of course, picked through the clearance racks first and found a skirt in the right color, but it was a size 16 and I wasn't so sure about the style. But, it was marked down to $9.99 with an extra 20% off that! Then, my mom found the same skirt in a 12, but did I put the 16 back? Nope, I had doubt that the 12 would fit. The pickings were rather slim, so I decided to go ahead and try what I had on. The 12 fit, but ewwww, not a good style on me. So, we left Kaufmann's for the rest of the mall. The next store on my agenda? The ole' LB. I was hoping to find some bras on clearance. It was an odd experience; we walked in and I immediately recognized the employees. But, unlike my previous experiences, neither of them said anything to us. We were completely ignored! And, it's not like we just stuck our heads in and left; the bras are all the way at the back of the store! But, absolutely nothing, not a word! Just bizarre. And, of course, there were no 36 anythings to be found. So, given my lack of luck in the bra department at LB, I decided to go to Victoria's Secret. They of course had bras in my size, but absolutely nothing was on sale. You have got to be kidding me?! $42 for one bra!! Not gonna happen! Did I really want to spend money? No way! But, there were things I _needed_, dangit! So, it was off to my replacement for LB, Eddie Bauer. I _so_ love this store! I found a size 12 skirt (that fit!) and the cutest lace-trimmed camisole. Woo-hoo! I'm gonna look so cute for V-Day dinner!

Speaking of the husband, he's in Boston visiting friends this weekend, and if any of you live in the Northeast or have been following the weather, you'll know Boston's been inundated with snow. Normally, I'd just be thrilled that it didn't hit us, but as he was supposed to drive home today, the weather's made that impossible. So, what does that mean for me? Another day of worry. Worry about him driving home? Not so much. I mean, it's always a concern especially when weather's a factor, but my worry is the debauchery I've envisioned is taking place. The friend he's staying with is _very_ single, and I can only imagine what types of things he had planned for the weekend. I trust my husband, but the irrational, insecure part of me fears what could happen given the influence of alcohol, his friend and the attention of beautiful women. Arghghgh! I must not think about it! I'm probably just wasting my time worrying for no reason, but I can't bloody well help it!

Tuesday is my 8-month surgery anniversary. I'm really hoping to be at a total loss of 110 lbs, and given that I somewhat cheated today and weighed myself on my parents' scale and it read 162 (which I know is wrong, but hey!), I think it's possible. Yeah!


Beth said...

Hey, you're skinnier than me. Harrumph. :-P Way to go.

PS - not bitter, I'll get back there, soon.


Sandi said...

Wow, this is a big post, Jenn! You're an inspiration to me. Keep up the great work, and please keep posting your story.