14 February 2006

I like my parents' scale better

Well, I was thinking I'd be down to at least 164 lbs today (based on my parents' scale), but alas, the scale read 165 this morning. Bummer. Oh well! Next week, right?

I can't believe I forgot to mention this, but while shaving my legs the other day (because I knew I'd be trying on skirts and I didn't want to scare anyone because during the winter shaving my legs isn't a top priority), I discovered something rather horrifying! When I propped my foot up on the edge of the tub and leaned over to try and shave the back of my thighs, I saw it, a bunch of skin (and fat too, I presume) hanging from my upper thigh. It is disgusting. What's odd is that when I'm just standing up normally, it's not really noticeable (unlike a few areas on the front of my thighs where I've got slight folds in the skin developing). But, what I do know is that there is _no way_ I will ever put myself into a bathing suit in public without having some sort of surgery on my thighs. Ugh! Oh, and I think that the stretch marks on my abdomen (which are now more obvious thanks to shrinking) look like streams and tributaries on a map. Not that I ever had hopes of running around in a bikini or baring my midriff like all the little chickies like to do, but ewwww!

Oh, and it seems my fears were unfounded. I knew they would be, but I still let myself go there. Dangit!

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