07 February 2006

Scale dementia?

I stepped on the scale before getting in the shower this morning (as I always do on Tuesday) hoping to find I'd lost at least another couple of pounds. I watched as the scale did its thinking until the number came up, and I literally about fell off. Whaaaa?!?! I had gained 9 lbs?!?! No, freaking, way! I stepped off, let it clear itself and stepped back on ... the same weight came up. Oh my gosh; how on earth could I have possibly gained 9 lbs?! Then I remembered that I had cleaned the scale on Sunday while cleaning the bathroom. Maybe when I sprayed it with cleaner some of the liquid got down into the electronics and knocked it out of whack? So, I got in the shower and began plotting how I was going to figure this out. By the time I was ready to get out of the shower, I had decided I was going to take my big bottle of shampoo and weigh it on the bathroom scale then take it to the kitchen scale (hoping it would weigh enough to register on the bathroom scale but not too much to not register on the kitchen scale) so as to see if there was a difference. Mind you, I figured there wouldn't be a 9 lb difference, but I surmised the difference might "scale up" as the weight of the object being weighed increased. But, as I stepped out of the shower, I realized, duh! you didn't gain 9 lbs, and the scale's not wrong (at least I don't think it is); you lost a pound dummy! For some reason, my demented mind was thinking (at 5am mind you) that I weighed 159 last week not 169, so when I saw 168, well, I panicked of course! I still wish it had been more, but I'm _thrilled_ I didn't actually gain 9 pounds!


Sandi said...

Jenn, sounds like things are going great for you in all departments (I read about you attacking your man in the last post--wooowee). I love all the good news. I crave it, like I crave sunshine. I've been teasing myself with the idea of getting an ipod as well. Just, dang, another several hundred bucks... hard for me to justify right now. But, I'm jealous!!!!

Can't believe you eat nuts with vinegar, etc... I'm nervous about anything "rough." So I watch your food choices closely and get courage from you.

Thanks for the perky posts. It does my heart good to "see" you so strong, so committed, so...well, just happy.

Jessica said...

I must say these last 2 posts have been very "captivating!" JCrew for $13.98, great sex, you didn't gain 9 pounds... No wonder I prefer reading blogs over folding clean clothes (which is what I really should be doing right now!)

Gastric Bypass Guru said...

Jenn, I truly love seeing how many blogs and lives you touch.. You rock kiddo.

Craig T