06 February 2006

I wore size 12 pants today!!!

I bought them over the weekend from JCrew for $13.98! Quite the deal, huh?! I was looking through the clearance racks and and was so excited to find these for such an incredible price, but the largest size I could find were the twelves. They also had a sweater I liked (and needed to try on), so I decided to make my way back to the dressing rooms. The weirdo dressing room attendant told me "he had my back" as he let me into the room and proceeded to tell everyone else he subsequently let into a room something similarly odd. Anyways, I was hesitant in my attempt to bring them up over my butt and stomach but found I was able to easily zip up and button them! I own a size 12!!! Holy cow!! My mom wears a size 12 (except that she doesn't really anymore; she's now more like an 8 or 10), but she did for the longest time! Sooo, the next milestones for me will be below 150 lbs and a size eight. I look forward to them.

I managed to convince my husband to go up to the outlets with me (even though he wasn't really planning on doing much in the way of shopping for himself ... as I found out later). He had a haircut scheduled for that morning, so we agreed he'd just come over to the house afterward. I swear he wasn't in the house 5 minutes and I practically jumped him (at least that's how he says it happened). I will admit I was all over him. I don't know what it is for sure, but since we've not been living together, I find myself getting into a rather amorous mood when I'm around him. And, dang, it is _by far_ the best sex we've ever had! Oh_my_gosh! He's been working out more, and his chest, arms and legs are just so darn sexy! I can't help myself! (Ok, enough of the !s.) How does this all relate to WLS? Well, even if we didn't have the influence of not being around each other all the time if I still weighed what I used to weigh (and if he weren't as strong as he now is for that matter) there's no darn way we'd be able to do what, well, we do. I won't say any more b/c this is not a porno blog. But, dang!

Oh, and on the subject of sex, I was recently told by one of my male co-workers to "be careful" when I went down to our main control room in the basement of the classroom building. Why, you ask? Well, there's construction going on in the area adjacent to this control room, and apparently he was down there sometime being shown something that was going to be done to our control room. While there, he overheard a few of the construction workers talking about ... me! I have apparently be reduced (or elevated depending upon your perspective) to, ahem, f*able. Yes, me! I was at first mortified, but then I thought about it a little more, and well, I had to be flattered by this. Me, 7 months ago, no way would they be saying that about me! I'm still not thrilled by it, but I have to be a little happy about it, right?

Thank you again to everyone for your encouraging comments and suggestions for strategies to continue my weight loss! I'm now considering joining my university's wellness program. For about $6 per pay period, I can have complete access to all of the on-campus gyms, a limited number of sessions with a personal trainer and access to all sorts of classes and seminars. I still love my elliptical and will continue doing it every other day, but I'm not as pleased with the rubber band strength training I've been doing as I'm just not seeing the muscle definition I'd like to have. Moreover, I think it would be beneficial to have someone there to tell me how to target my problem areas. Great deal, right? So, why haven't I done it yet? I'm still not entirely sure I'd go. Oh, and I have one workout outfit, an outfit that fit 105 lbs ago and now looks entirely hideous on me and rather comical actually. The pants look like those silly gaucho pants that are so popular right now. (Apologies to anyone out there who likes them; they're just not for me!)

Something that is for me, however, is my new iPod! I've been wanting one for years and finally decided to buy one for myself. I don't know how I lived without the thing, seriously! I'm sitting here typing away listening to all of my favorite music, and the best thing is since it's all in there (all 1500 tracks, hardly anything compared to others, I know) I'm listening to stuff I haven't heard in years ... that I absolutely love! I adore it. Oh, and I also highly recommend my latest obsession, the Soledad Blend by Sahale Snacks. Listen to this description, "A delectable snacking experience, influenced by the Mediterranean, featuring almonds, flax seeds and tender dates tickled with balsamic vinegar and cayenne." If you like nuts and a little kick, they are to die for! I eat them in moderation (both because of the fat content and the price,ugh!), but I absolutely love them!

Have a good week all!


Gastric Bypass Guru said...

I think I am the LAST person on the planet with out an iPod.... Whaaaaaa.

jenn said...

A couple things on this post...so, I'll email you a playlist or two of my favorite workout tunes via iTunes - it will likely just say it's from Jenn, but know it's me.

Second, on the um, topic of sex - well, I managed to well, have some. And I gotta say, I felt like I was driving a new car or something when it dawned on me the last time I did I weighed 50 pounds more than I do now! I'm so much more....agile. My dad reads my blog so I couldn't really post this NSV there ;)

Cheers to you - you are doing great and look AMAZING!


Jenn said...

Thanks for the playlist, Jenn! I only listened to the samples briefly this morning, but they sounded awesome! Just the type of stuff I need to work out to! And, congrats on the increased agility and sex! It's fantastic, isn't it?!

jenn said...

Glad you liked the playlist. I'm working on some others because I'm boring myself to tears listening to the same stuff over and over, so when I'm done, I'll send more to you. Definitely get the Mint Royale ones - I can't listen to them enough! And the hip dancey cover songs are always fun.
Take care!