17 February 2006

It's so nice when people notice ... and say something

One of our vendors for our distance learning equipment came by today, and while he was working in one of our control rooms, I stopped by to see if he needed anything. The last time I'd seen him was just a couple of weeks before my surgery, so it had been a while. We finished talking about the work stuff, and he asked me if I'd lost weight. I said, yes, I've lost 109lbs actually. Wow, well you look fantastic, he says. He asked if I just did it through diet & exercise or was it "you know" and he motioned toward the stomach. Did this man really need to know I'd had WLS? Nope, but I told him, yes, I had gastric bypass surgery. He says, how's that working out for you? I smiled and said, um, well, I've lost 109lbs. He looked a little uncomfortable and then said, well, yeah, but I mean are you feeling well? (So maybe he'd known someone who'd had the surgery before and didn't do so well?) I said, yes, I'm feeling fantastic! Well, you look absolutely fantastic, he says, congratulations! Guess there are still some nice (but not perverted) guys out there. :)

And unexpected downside to WLS? I've lost so much weight that my wedding and engagement rings will now fall right off. And, unlike my husband, I don't want to stop wearing them. (Yes, it's bothering me.) They're insured, thankfully, and I tried using one of the plastic ring guard thingies. But, it irritated the heck out of me. And, unfortunately, the jeweler where we got them is in California. Yeah, I know I could take them elsewhere, but I'm anal about them and don't wanna. For now, I'm just going to have to be really careful with them.


Mama said...

My husband and I both lost our wedding bands due to this. Hee-hee. I got a new one, but... they still fall off.


Sandi said...

The janitor where I work said something about how great I look. He followed up by saying, "Just don't loose too much!" I laughed and nodded, but I felt kind of creepy by it.

I do like the postitive attention, but honestly, it makes me pretty uncomfortable too. I think one of the reasons I overate was a subconscious desire to be invisible--socially invisible that is.

I still have not told anyone besides my husband and children that I had RNY surgery. I kind of wish I would have sometimes, just to have the news out there and over with, but I just could not face the negative comments and felt /feel that it's not anyone's business. There is a problem though because of the size of the community, everyone knows everyone else's business, so if my pcp ever tells anyone, or if her receptionist ever tells anyone, well...everyone will know! That would be embarrassing, since I didn't tell... *sigh* I wish I could just live my life, you know?

Coquito said...

I have lost a few lbs. less than you and my band and engagement rings are falling off, so I imagine that yours must be too. I started wearing them on my necklace - something I had to do with my last pregnancy but because they were too tight - I plan to have them resized after I am done losing. Thankfully my jewelrer is down the street from my job. I understand how you feel about that...