23 February 2006

I'm a mouse killer ...

I found another dead mouse yesterday. I'd set a 2nd trap in the drawer under the stove because I'd seen droppings there too. I checked it soon after finding the first dead one but assumed there was only the one mouse, so I forgot about it. Then, on Thursday morning, I noticed a smell emanating from the kitchen. I checked the garbage and found it to be rather foul, so before work, I took it out. Unfortunately, when I got home from work, not only was the smell still there, it was worse! And, then I knew it. I opened the stove drawer and found the trap no longer set. I opened it a little more, and saw the tail sticking out from the covered trap. Ewwww!!!! So, now I'm down two mice, but I'm also out of traps. And, because of my innate chickenness, I'll have to continue buying the $4 covered traps instead of the 79 cent regular traps. I do _not_ like this one bit! This situation coupled with the water quality (not only does the water smell and taste bad, I swear my hair falls out less when I shower just once at my parents' (or elsewhere), and I've never had one of my shower weakness episodes elsewhere) leads me to believe it's unlikely I'll want to stay here after our lease is up ... regardless of where my husband's living. But, I _love_ the layout of the place, the amount of room we have for various stuff (although I've been seriously thinking about having a major garage sale this spring to get rid of a lot of this stuff), the big yard and most of all the radiant floor heat. That has got to be the best kind of heating system ever! And, I absolutely hate moving, but we'll see I guess.

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Holly said...

hail mighty mousekiller

getting rid of "stuff" is a terrific cleansing exercise. before we moved in december we got rid of SO MUCH STUFF our front porch (a large, covered, southern style sit a spell porch) was PACKED with stuff and we called the local charity organization to come haul it away (after a very low yield yard sale)

it was so nice to see all that stuff go.