21 February 2006


Well, I thought I'd done myself in, sand-bagged myself, etc. I mentioned last week that I was pleased because over the last eight months I'd not had even one week where I didn't lose at least one pound. I decided to step on the scale yesterday morning to see where I was, and the number was exactly the same as it was the previous Tuesday, 165. Ugh! Of course I thought to myself, I jinxed myself! But I really knew why the scale hadn't moved; I only did the elliptical 1 time during the week, and other than my daily activities (which are pretty active) I hadn't done any other form of exercise. And, not only had I not consistently exercised, I've been snacking a lot at night. I must stop it right now! There have been some nights where I've felt hungry and have given in to the snacking demon because of it, but it's more likely that I've been snacking at night just because I want to. I got in the habit of doing it, so each night my brain was calling for it. I at least wasn't pigging out; I'd have some popcorn or some soup crackers and one time I had 90 calories worth of no sugar added ice cream. But, I don't _need_ any of it, and even if I did that means I'm not giving myself enough food at dinner which is where I should be getting my fill for the night ... of the healthy foods I eat for dinner. Knowing that earlier in the day my weight hadn't budged and I was out most of the evening on campus for a lecture, I managed to refrain from snacking last night. And, when I stepped on the scale this morning (my official weigh-in day), it had moved ... exactly one pound. Never before had I been so happy to see the scale move just one pound. It's entirely under my control, and I'm going to do better this week.

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Kim said...

The snack monster has visited me in the evening, and he is NOT a welcome guest. Like you, it became more of a habit for me. Started with sugar free Jello and moved on from there to 50 calories of this and 50 calories of that. Pretty soon, they add up to what equals zero weight loss. I found that brushing AND flossing my teeth after dinner kept me from grazing. You are such a strong minded woman, I'm sure that you'll put an end to the evening grazing with ease.
Kim Stover