30 November 2005

Ditzy, wait, no, dizzy girl!

So, it happened again this morning. :( What's the it you ask? Well, while showering today, I got so weak that I knew if I closed my eyes for more than just a few seconds I'd pass out. (A difficult thing not to do when you're trying to wash shampoo out of your hair or soap off your face!) And, now that I've thought about it, I'd say it's happening about once a week. At first, I thought it would only happen on days when I'd gotten up later than normal (5:15 am), but it happened again today. And, while I can typically resolve the feeling by sitting down, it usually hits me when I've got conditioner in my hair, soap on my face and I'm shaving. So, I have to finish all that up before I can get out of the shower and get myself to a chair. I struggled with low blood sugar problems prior to surgery, so it may be related especially since I rarely eat before showering. But, it doesn't really feel the same as the low blood sugar attacks I remember. I dunno, but I'll certainly talk with my surgeon and my ob/gyn (who treats me for PCOS) at my appointments on the 14th. Anyone else out there experience something similar? I've got to make it stop, though, because I'm afraid I will pass out and then really hurt myself!


Sandi said...

hmmmmm Jenn. not good. Sounds like maybe something to do with your blood sugar alright. I've been a little dizzy a couple of times in the past couple of weeks, nothing that alarmed me. My surgeon says if there is dizziness, to up my water intake. I'm up to 70 oz now and the dizziness has stopped--but you've been at this longer than me, surely you can't simply be dehydrated?

Congrats on Graduating from LB. Can't wait to join that club. Good luck in NYC. Hope you can have a little fun and not have to spend the whole of your spare time chewing stuff... =)

Kaye Bailey said...

Jenn- are you drinking enough water? Dehydration is the biggest cause of dizziness in WLS patients. Write to me if you want to talk about this offline.

Be careful!

Jenn said...

Well, I'll certainly try to be more aware of what I'm drinking each day, but in a day, I typically drink 10-12 oz while getting ready in the mornings, at least 45-50 oz at work and typically 16 oz at home after work. Should I be drinking more?


Kaye Bailey said...

Hi Jenn - that sounds like plenty of water. If you aren't already, drink a few sips when you first get up in the morning because a large amount of water is lost through respiration during the night. Try and drink a bit before yoru shower and see if it helps. . just a suggestion. Have a great trip!