09 November 2005

Ya know what really bothers me?

Why is it that it's highly acceptable at most places of work when an employee needs to take a day off because their child is sick or they don't have daycare, but when an employee calls in sick for himself for just a day, it's looked down upon? Yes, sick days are for being sick and family care, but who's to say that not feeling well for reasons other than physical well being is not "being sick"? Sometimes, you just need a day away from work and the normal requirements of the weekend for yourslef. But, because I have chosen not to have a child, I can not take sick days I have earned without receiving the full interrogation look upon returning to work to see if I really look like I've been sick. I'm not saying that people who have children that say they'll be out b/c of the children are lying, but why am I penalized because I do not have a child? Grrrr, it just makes me sick! Hey, maybe it'll make me too sick to come to work tomorrow?! ;)

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Holly said...

hey, i read your comments.. any 20 or 22s you have pass them on down! i'll email you my address.