29 November 2005

The end of the road ...

I returned to Lane Bryant yesterday for what will probably be one of (if not the) last times. I bought three pairs of pants and two shirts all in size 14 ... size 14!!! I haven't seen size 14 since 1992ish! I also bought two new bras in a 38D; pre-surgery, I was wearing a 44D (which was probably wrong). Yes, this is all a very good thing, and I'm absolutely, completely thrilled! But, I'm also somewhat sad. Since I began shopping at Lane Bryant (which sadly was only about a year-and-a-half ago), I've found that what they offer is very good-quality, well-fitting clothes. And, while I've purchased some things from other stores since surgery, I'm afraid that once I can no longer find things that fit well at Lane Bryant I'm going to be in kind of a limbo for a while because of my problem areas (the stomach and arse). We'll see.

On Friday, I'll be off to NYC with the majority of my co-workers for a business trip for the weekend. (We're migrating our NYC office from Novell to Windows Active Directory for other techies out there.) I absolutely love New York and am thrilled about being in NY at Christmastime. And, while we are going there for work, thankfully, our director is also into shopping and using what time we have to enjoy the city. So, we've got tickets to see The Lion King on Broadway and have dinner reservations before the show at a fabulous restaurant, but I'm really nervous about eating arrangements the rest of the time. Everyone in my office knows I had gastric bypass, but I don't think they completely understand my limitations as well as needs regarding food. And, I guess what I'm most nervous about is the trip down and back because I suspect we'll stop somewhere for food, and who wants to stop for an extended amount of time to eat a sit-down meal, right? But, I won't eat fast food. Yes, I know there are some ok choices at fast food restaurants (as well as poor choices at sit-down restaurants), but I've not had fast food for 6+ months. And, I don't want to start now!! I'm also concerned about eating times given that I know some of my co-workers are psycho and will want to "just finish this one last thing up" before leaving the office for food. I don't want to be a complete pain in the arse on this trip, but when I've got to eat, I've got to eat. Has anyone else out there had a similar situation? If so, do you have any tips or recommendations on how to best deal with the issue of food?


The Catapillar said...

Dear PH,
:)I wanna help with your Migration!! :)

I hope your co-workers will be sensitive to your needs. I have been in this situation only not as a post op patient (I am still awaiting surgery). The thing I found to be the most productive is to have health snacks in my brief case. That way If the need arrises I can eat and I am not locked into eating what the rest of the group is eating.

On the other topic Lane Bryant has become a dear friend of mine. I always feel great in their outfits. I think Lerners is/was the sister store to lane bryant and carried the smaller than 14s. I havent shopped there in so long though dont take my word for it.

You look GREAT!!!

jenn said...

Ok, so here are my things I do...I take little gladware containers of protein shake mix and figure one can always find milk. I get lattes. I take protein bars of whatever variety works for you. I take little bags of nuts. Sometimes, if it's a short trip, I take cheese that is shelf-life friendly. As for fast food, everywhere has salads now with diced up chicken breast...I get that, or the chicken breast sandwich minus the bun. I get anxious too - but a little prep goes a long way! You can do this!

As for the 'ole LB - I know how you're feeling. It's like, "Where in the world do skinny people buy clothes with all the choices?" and "What about my sagging skin??"...Know that The Limited is the same as LB for the smaller folk; so if you like the style/quality of LB, The Limited will likely meet your needs. But it does open up a whole new world! I was planning a visit to LB tonight, I'm finding the pants/shirts I got like 2 weeks ago I should've gotten in a 14/16 top, and 20 bottoms...I can't wait to "outgrow" LB like you almost have!!!! ;)

Jenn said...

Catapillar & Jenn - Thank you _very_ much for your suggestions! I'm off to the grocery store tonight to acquire healthy, small snacks that will fit in the laptop bag!